Wednesday, December 8, 2010

O Christmas Tree...

When I was a kid at Christmas time, I always wished for a tree with white lights and fancy ornaments.  I don't know why??  We always had a wonderful tree with colorful lights and a million ornaments.  So many of them were made be us, and my mom would always spend time helping us make them.  But I thought other trees were better because they were "fancy".  I'm ashamed to admit that I always seemed to want the opposite of what I had.  Isn't that a terrible trait?!?  Shame, shame on me.  I mean I even resented that my mom made mac-n-cheese from scratch instead of from a box...really crazy...I know!  So, back to the Christmas trees... After I put up our tree this year, I sat back and took a long look at it.  It made me smile; it made me happy.  Really happy.  It was the perfect tree.  The tree that I always wanted but just never knew it.  You see, my tree now, is just like my family tree when I was a kid (minus the colorful lights).  Every ornament is different and so many were made by Zachary (Nate's day is coming).  I have ornaments from friends that I have taught with over the years, ones from students, close friends and relatives.  My favorite thing to do on my birthday (day after Christmas) is go ornament shopping.  I love to look back each year and see what I bought.  I even love the very pathetic ornaments that I bought the first year Randy and I celebrated Christmas as a married couple...the dollar store was my best friend. :) 
As an adult, I appreciate all of the lessons I learned as a child...I didn't have a clue at the time that they were lessons.  Appreciate what YOU have.  There is no need to compare yourself or life to that of others.  Everyone is different and that is good...just like my tree!!!

BTW...I would never choose box mac-n-cheese over the homemade version...ever!! :)