Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day Seven :(

Signs that you might have a sick child in your house.

Did you know that you still can't buy Children's Tylenol and Motrin?  There is only generic on the store shelves!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Fever...Fever...Go Away...And Stay Gone!

Life has been pretty crazy since last Wednesday.  Zachary came home from swimming and playing at a friends house, only to discover he had a fever.  His fever was high and continued all day/night and then all day Thursday.  I decided to take him to the doctor Friday afternoon after I couldn't get control of the fever.  **It's ridiculous but I also take my boys to the doctor at the first sign of illness; which is good for the doctor's wallet, but probably drives them crazy..."Here come the Trenary Boys again!"  I never have to tell them who we are at the check in desk...not something to brag about.**  Anyways...The doctor tested him for Strep and it was negative.  But his adenoids/tonsils were swollen, so he diagnosed him with adenovirus.  We were told it could last for 7 days, but to come back on Monday if he was still running fever.  Well, he ran fever ALL weekend!  He missed out on a birthday party (it was actually postponed) and the movies.  He was miserable; he is still miserable!  Today began the first day of the long awaited, summer soccer camp... but no camp for Zachary.  He woke with 103+ temp this morning and off we went to the doctor.  They ran another strep test and tested for mono.  Both tests were negative and the diagnosis remains adenovirus.  Now the doctor says that it can sometimes last up to 10 days.  We have super, fun plans for this upcoming weekend, and he (and all of us) will be so sad if he isn't well by then.  We are doing all we can to control the fever, keep him hydrated and nourished, so I hope this virus says "bye bye" very, very soon!

In case you are wondering, Nate does not show signs of the virus, but it is very contagious in children.  Nate's biggest issue is boredom!  He wants/likes to go swimming, to the park, to friends houses, so he is acting out a bit.  I just pray that he is spared and doesn't catch this nasty thing.

I hope to put both boys down for a nap soon, so I can sit outside and watch it rain.

Friday, June 25, 2010


What kind of day are you having?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

River- Part 4 (I'm done...I promise!)

Don't you just love those 'random parts' about vacations.  You know...the long walks, cold treats, water-gun fights, jumping on the bed, and...
The best part about getting away for me is watching the children enjoy life.  There always seem to be more smiles and less responsibility.

Luke and the bubbles :)

A morning walk...

Looking for the horses

Nate and Luke getting ready for bed.


Do you like it Bubba?

I sure do :)

Getting ready for the water-gun war!

Uncle Michael getting Zachary

Lukey wants to play!

You'd better run...here comes Nate!

Daddy!!!  That's C O L D!

The river was low and slow on our last day, so we took the boys to Natural Bridge Caverns.  Zachary loved it, and Nate made it without any major issues.  He liked walking in the "tunnels".  Most of the pictures are fuzzy and didn't come out well, but here are a few anyways.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

River-Part 3

It has been brought to my attention that my brother, Michael, did in fact catch some fish!!  Sorry Michael...haha!!!

How about some fishing in the river? Yes, please!
The guys enjoyed fishing and even managed to catch a few from time to time. Randy wins for the smallest fish ever caught!! Zachary brought in 2 within seconds of each other. And dad enjoyed catching the largest of the week. Not sure if Michael caught any, but I think he enjoyed his crash course in Fly Fishing from Randy.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Fun- River Part 2

The river was a lot of fun this year.  It was swift, cold and provided us with lots of "giggle moments"!  The section of the river that we floated daily began at the 4th crossing and ended at our rental house before the 3rd crossing.  There are four sections of rapids for the kids (and adults) to enjoy.  In past years, the water has been low and the rapids almost non-existent, but this year...SUPER FUN!  We laughed and laughed after each section and squealed when the water rushed over our heads...gotta love it!  This float usually takes around two (or more) hours, but this year it was right at an hour...which is fun to do over and over with the young kids!  Zachary was in heaven!  He loved every part and never got tired of the river...even when the weekend brought lower water levels and a MUCH slower pace.  But to hear him tell it, the days when he "rode the rapids" without his tube were the best. 
GreGre and PawPaw took him down the river one day while I stayed with Nate so he could nap.  Zachary was being silly and getting excited about the rapids awaiting him.  His "silly moves" caused him to flip out of his tube.  The current was too swift to get him in his tube before the rapids, so off he went with just a life jacket.  He didn't panic and it became one of his favorite memories.  He was also flipped once while going over what we call "the drop off".  He looked scared as he rushed over the drop, but then he giggled and was rescued!!  I, on the other hand, didn't laugh too much when a chunk of my tube was left sitting on a rock while I went down some rocky rapids on my rear...ouch!  Bye, Bye Mr. Tube...flat as a pancake in about 3 seconds!!! 
Nate enjoyed his time on the river too.  He and Daddy floated together, and Nate laughed and slept.  So cute!
But my favorite part might be how my mom could hop into her tube, hitting the freezing cold water, without making a sound AND how my dad would SCREAM and HOLLER as his rear hit the water.  Too funny!!!

Here's dad getting in...hahaha!

Michael and Luke

Zachary and Paw Paw out in front of the house.

There we go...

Hi Zachary!

There I am in the orange tube shortly before it dies!

Super Cute!

Fun Times...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Family Fun- On the River

We are back!  The family has been hanging out on the river in New Braunfels since last Monday.  I didn't have internet access, so I couldn't blog.  Well, I could have blogged from my iPhone, but that didn't seem fun at all!
We had a wonderful week hanging out with my parents and my brother's family.  Zachary is a pro at floating the river and loved the rapids that were extra fun due to the speed and water level of the river.  Nate loved the river too and could go from laughing to sleeping and back to laughing again so quickly depending on whether we were enjoying the rapids or the calm soothing rocking of the river.

But let's start from the beginning...
We stayed in a tiny town right outside of New Braunfels, Sattler.  (As you might know, New Braunfels had some recent damage due to flooding.  This did not negatively affect the area of the river where we were until the last day of our stay.)
We arrived at the house late Monday afternoon and the boys went right to exploring while I unloaded and unpacked the hundred-million things that we brought.  They kept busy by getting into everything and then settled down to draw some pictures before heading out to see the river.

On Tuesday Mom, Dad and I headed into town to take the boys to Landa Park.  We hoped to ride the train, play some putt-putt, explore the creeks, and enjoy the other water activities.  The boys were super excited!!  As I made the turn into Landa Park, all I could see was a large road block.  What?  The sign read, "Park Closed".  The park was indeed closed and is still probably not opened due to damage from the flooding.  We were all bummed!  We regrouped and headed over to the Children's Museum.  It turned out to be a great "turn of events". The boys loved the museum.  Zachary was in his element and explored everything in detail.  He wanted to touch everything, try on the clothes, watch the videos, figure out how everything worked and even curled up with a book about Space.
Nate was overwhelmed and ran around for the first hour or so.  He ran from this to that and back again.  Of course he loved the trains and water activities.  He also really enjoyed helping his brother put the planets in their correct order from the sun. :)

Our first full day was a lot of fun.  I'll post more tomorrow about our river adventures.
Until then...