Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eight is Great

Zachary celebrated his 8th birthday this past Sunday!!  He had a blast at his bowling party on Saturday and then a fun filled Sunday with the family! 
Zachary is a cool kid and I'm so happy to get to spend my life with him!! 

 Zachary had fun bowling!
 Cade, Autumn and Z being silly.
 Z and AJ!!
 Cade was beating all of the big kids!
 This is a terrible picture, but if you look in the very back...
you can see Nate bowling what ends up being a strike!
 Zachary and Sam!!
 Nate and Cousin Autumn
 Nate says, "It's you birthday Bubba!"
 Nate was trying to blow out the candle!!
 8 years old!
 Remember that the cookie cake was right in front of Nate? 
When Randy picked it up and moved it to another table so he could cut it, Nate lost his mind!!
He thought his daddy was taking it away!
 Zachary T. and Zachary H. celebrating their 8th birthdays at the same place...at the same time! :)
 Zachary with MeMe and Poppy
Grandma and Grandpa Trenary
This picture cracks me up.  Both boys have their mouths wide open
 after Z opened a gift of all 3 Toy Story movies.  Haha!

And just for the record my mom and dad, GreGre and PawPaw, were also there to celebrate.  I just don't have a picture to post. :(  Sorry mom...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Paper & Pen

I want to write a book...
I know what you are thinking...How can she write a book??  She can't even keep up with her blog!  True.  Very true...

I've wanted to write a book for as long as I can remember.  My first strong memories of this are from high school.  I LOVED the required daily journal entries and was always so excited about the poetry units.  I would often sit in class and write the first chapter to my book. But once I had a first chapter, my mind would stop.  I could never express myself on paper the way I could in my mind.  Does that make sense?  See what I mean??  Towards the end of high school I thought that instead of writing a book, I should write a one-woman-act and take it on the road...traveling the world.  I mean, everyone would want to see it, right?  The answer to that would be NO.  Who was I but a girl from Baytown, Texas, on Mockingbird Lane. I scratched that idea and just performed for the mirror...kidding...sort of!!

Since Zachary's birth and our journey to "find" him, I have strongly felt the desire to write.  But still, I struggle with the same problem...can't quite get my thoughts onto paper.  So I'm using this blog (mostly read by family), to ask for a digital voice recorder for Christmas...Oh no she didn't...Oh yes she did!  Maybe I could talk into for a while and then start to get all of these thoughts out of my head.  I have an awesome idea for a book that I think would reach a lot of people.  I have the title, the idea, but not yet the words. ;)

Check back in a few years and see how my progress is going!! ;)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Yesterday Nate was napping...sound asleep.  All of a sudden I hear him yell "Trick or Treat".  Talk about Sweet Dreams!