Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just a Thought

"Everything happens for a reason." 
I wonder why people say this...is it because they believe it or they don't know what else to say?
..."everything" is a pretty powerful word. 

I think things happen in life because of our own "free will".  The free will given to us by God.  He allows us to make our own choices.  I believe that bad things happen because of sin.  I do not think that everything can be explained or summed up by assuming that this or that happened for a reason. 

I think that we can learn life lessons through our experiences (tragic ones as well), gain strength, and that events 'lead' us to where we are.  I believe that God already knows the choices we've made in life and he can see the big picture.  Maybe due to our choices, those of others, or uncontrollable events like illness/disease (due to sin), God plants people or things in our path.  Maybe...it's hard to explain or imagine.  I mean, he has always (one of those big words) known what our course in life will be...it's all too big to wrap my brain around.

Is there a point you ask?  Nope.  Just thinking and typing...  Just saying that I don't think everything happens for a reason.  It's not like we would tell a child that was beaten by his/her alcoholic parent that it happened to them for a reason...see what I mean?  It happened because the world and it's people are sinful...right?  Really, I'm asking you...is that right?  I think so...

I know that if you really think about it, this is a complicated topic with lots of twists and turns.  But I don't really have the time to get into it...I do have a three year old running around (you know).  YES, you heard me right...he is 3 now.  I'll blog about his birthday later in the week!

So enough about that...just putting it out there.
(Before I head out, let me just say one more thing.  I think there is a difference between "everything happens for a reason" and events leading us down a particular path.  For example, that child beaten by the alcoholic parent may never have become an adult drug addict if he hadn't been abused as a child.  Or that child may never have become a social worker trying to save children from abuse.  Does that make sense? )

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Be There

Do you ever feel like you just might not make it through the day?  (To be fair...I'm not talking about days when you find out devastating news, loose a loved one, etc.  Just a rotten day...)  A sweet and dear friend texted me today because she was having 'one of those days'.  Everything was closing in around her and she felt so small and unable.  I know those days...unfortunately they seem to come in waves.  You feel trapped and like no one really understands...when most people actually do.  It happens to all of us.  I sent a text to my friend just simply saying that I loved her...that's it...nothing more...I just wanted her to know.  I didn't really know what else to say at that moment.  Later I sent her a text about taking a vacation together...a little get away.  I said that the husbands could come as long as they knew the "retreat" was all about us. ;)  We could sleep in, eat yummy food and take long walks to nowhere talking about nothing or something...whatever we wanted.  (Hope it really happens!)  Then I told her that I was trying a new recipe for dinner and later let her know the outcome. ;)  Her reply???  She said, "Thanks for helping me get thru today."  Really?  I did NOTHING.  Nothing at all.  I just basically said I love you and kept in touch through out the day...that's it.  But wait...isn't that what we need?  YES IT IS!  We need to be heard and understood and have our feeling acknowledged without judgement.  It helps...in so many ways.

I do not have a million friends...I'm actually quite shy (at first...ha!).  I love my friends.  I want to be there for them and for them to be there for me.  It's funny though..."being there" isn't some HUGE thing.  It's just simply that...being there...nothing special.  Well, it is special...

(BTW...I know I've been gone awhile.  Actually I've written about 20 blogs since my last entry.  You just couldn't see them, because they were all in my mind.  Sorry...sometimes I just don't get to the computer.  I did get a digital recorder for Christmas though.  I'm slowly filling it with thoughts.  For now I'm just "telling it" anything and everything. One day it might develop into something.)